Each team will receive a cylinder shaped block of snow 8 feet in diameter and 9 feet high on the grounds of Historic Riviera on the lake front in downtown Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Each team's snow block will be chosen by a random lottery. Condition of the snow cannot be guaranteed. If snow is not available and snow-making is not possible, an ice-carving competition will be held.

2015 snow space rule (697x800).jpg


Each team shall consist of three members 18 years and older from the same state. Additional sculpting assistance is not allowed except that given by competition organizers and grounds crew. Amateurs and professionals are eligible. The final sculpture must fit within a 12 foot circle, height is optional.

No media other than snow, ice or water may be used. Competitors to use snow available on site only. Colorants not allowed. Armatures or molded shapes are NOT allowed.

Sculptors may provide their own tools at their own risk and liability. Power tools are NOT permitted. Snow removal equipment,  buckets, shovels, long-handled ice scrappers, ladders and a scaffolding section will be available on site.


The individual artists will judge the sculptures and winners will be determined based on these recommended criteria:

  • Creativity: Originality of expression (50%)

  • Technique: Utilization of materials, excellence in execution and presentation. (30%)

  • Message: Visual force of message. (20%)


  • U.S. National Competition Champions Award, Trophy and invitation to compete in Association International de Sculpture sur Neige et Glace sanctioned Snow Sculpting Competition

  • 2nd Place - State of Wisconsin Award, Trophy

  • 3rd Place - City of Lake Geneva Award, Trophy

  • Gene Kempfer People's Choice Award (determined by public vote), Trophy

  • Klaus Ebeling OMM Award, Trophy

Public voting is from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Ballots will be distributed by volunteers and drop boxes are available at the sculpture site. This award will be presented at the Awards Ceremony.

Awarded to a team or person that promoted the spirit of the event. The award is named after Klaus Ebeling from Watertown, New York. OMMMM gives thanks to all that is good, friendship, food, weather, art, behavior, etc. This award is decided by previous winners of the award.